Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Organizational Assessment Blog Post

Greetings all!

Our next task will be to "zoom back in" to the work that we are doing in order to reflect on and discuss this work and the larger mission of your respective internship organizations.  The instructions for the Organizational Assessment Blog Post are posted below (and are also posted to Blackboard).  I look forward to reading about and discussing your experiences so far!


This exercise offers you the chance to reflect on the work that you are doing, how that work fits into the broader scope of activities for your organization, and how concrete institutional and organizational features of your organization and of the broader European policy space impact your organization's work. 

In your post, you should identify the main areas of policy that your organization addresses, and reflect on how organizational constraints (e.g. budgets, legal restrictions, bureaucratic structures, etc.), organizational procedures, and organizational culture affect your organization's policies and its ability to perform its stated tasks and goals.  Your post should discuss the specific work that your organization does as well as identify how that work connects to the larger landscape of European policy and politics.  In doing so, your post should assess what your organization does and how various aspects of its structure, culture, and procedures impact or influence the organization's ability to accomplish it's mission.

Your original post of approximately 250-500 words should be posted to the SIS Brussels Blog by the end of the day (11:59 p.m. CET) on Monday, June 17.  After you have submitted your own original post, you should provide comments/questions on the original post of at least one other individual.  Be sure to then check back and respond to the questions/comments that you receive!

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