Thursday, June 6, 2013

Policy Analysis Paper Topic Proposals

Greetings all,

Our next task for the academic part of the program is to start thinking about potential topics for your EU Policy Analysis paper. For this exercise you should post to this blog a post of 250-500 words describing the policy area and policy problem that you propose to analyze for the EU Policy Analysis Paper.  Remember to review the assignment requirements (posted to the Assignments area on Blackboard) as well as the comments, questions, and wrap-up posts that I've placed on this blog as you think about potential topics.  In general, you should be searching for a policy problem that is puzzling in some sense (whether in the substance of the policy, the outcome of the policy process, the way in which the policy doesn't line up our theories of European integration, etc.) such that it demands analysis and explanation. 

In your post, you should remember to state the following:
  • The general policy field and the specific policy problem/issue that you are proposing to analyze.
  • The type of policy analysis proposed: historical or a prescriptive.
  • A reference to at least one source that you have found so far concerning the proposed topic.
Your post detailing your topic proposal should be posted to the SIS Brussels Blog by the end of the day (11:59 p.m. EST) on Monday, June 10.  You should then provide comments or questions on the post of at least one other individual.

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