Friday, May 31, 2013

Comic Interlude: Lola the Performing Donkey in Brussels

This is just a brief comic interlude to keep things light even as we discuss the history and theory of European integration.  NBC4 here in DC just ran a report on Lola the Performing Donkey.  Lola apparently lives on the balcony of a Brussels cultural center.  She has created quite the stir in the neighborhood given the noise she makes and the fact that, well, balconies aren't the typical habitat for donkeys.  Keep an eye out for Lola as you explore Brussels!

A donkey stands on the balcony of an apartment block in Brussels May 31, 2013. The animal, which is part of a theatre show, has been banned from the balcony after neighbors complained. REUTERS/Francois Lenoir


  1. Donkey Watch: no sighting yet, keeping a lookout.

  2. If you find Lola, post a picture to the blog!